Fire Stopping | Dublin | An explaination

Introduction to Fire Stopping Dublin (Passive Fire protection)

Flame Stop Ltd are a Company specialising in Fire Stopping Dublin. Passive Fire Protection (Also known as Fire stopping) is important to the performance of a buildings structure in the event of a fire. Passive Fire Protection can be added in two ways. It is either provided by the materials from which the building is constructed. Or it is added to the building to enhance its fire resistance and to provide compartmentation in walls and floors to separate the building into areas of manageable risk. These areas are designed to restrict the growth and spread of fire which allow occupants to escape or the fire services to do their job.

Photo of 2 Fire Doors installed by Flame Stop Ltd - Fire Stopping Dublin

Fire Stopping Materials

Fire stopping materials are used to Fire Seal imperfections of fit or design between the fire-resisting elements of the building. They are used to restrict the passage of fire and smoke. They continue to take up the imperfections of fit at all times and have the same fire rating as the fixed elements of which they form a part.

Ensure you hire EXPERTS in Fire Stopping Dublin | Check for Certification

Fire stopping requires special attention from the installer. It is possible for an inappropriate sub-contractor to be given the task of installing fire stopping. For example, where fire stopping is needed behind a cladding system at floor level, the responsibility may fall to the floor installer or the cladding contractor. Fire stopping is frequently hidden once installed. This can be a problem as it is therefore difficult to inspect after installation. So using a Fire Stopping Company with third party certification is recommended.

It is the duty of everyone involved in the specification or design of an element of the building to be aware of the fire strategy. Also to ensure that any element with which they are concerned complies with it. Clear instructions must be given and fire performance requirements should be shown on drawings and in written specifications. Assuming the fire strategy and compartmentation for the project has been designed and approved by others (architects and design consultants, building control bodies, etc.). The main contractor should ensure this information is correctly converted into scope documents, drawings and specifications for the work. Careful attention should be paid to the interface arrangements between the trades. Always ensure you hire fire stopping experts.

Flame Stop Ltd are your FIRE STOPPING experts in Dublin and nationwide

We will help contractors and architects to achieve passive fire protection compliance. The services offered range from formulating specifications at the design stage to delivery of service and  inspection at completion. Flame Stop Ltd are accredited by Firas and BM Trada

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