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Passive Fire Protection in Pharma

The main fire risks in a pharmaceutical establishment are flammable materials and products. If a fire starts, it can quickly spread and cause extensive damage. There is also the risk of toxic fumes being released if the fire is not extinguished quickly. This is why installing a fire protection system is a must in pharma buildings and factories.

Flame Stop Ltd are experienced in providing passive fire protection for the pharmaceutical industry. Our staff are certified and experienced in surveying and installing fire protection systems. We provide a cost-effective, compliant solution that meets all relevant legislation and standards.

What Are the Fire Standards in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Ireland?

All pharmaceutical companies must comply with the regulations set out by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). These regulations cover a wide range of areas, including fire safety.

All pharmaceutical companies must have a fire safety plan in place and ensure that their employees are familiar with it. In addition, all factories must have a dedicated fire safety officer. The fire safety officer is responsible for ensuring that the factory complies with all relevant fire safety regulations.

The fire standards in the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland are very strict. Failure to comply may result in hefty fines or other severe sanctions.

Flame Stop Ltd can help you ensure that your pharmaceutical establishment meets all relevant legislation and industry standards for safety.

Fire Safety Survey in a Pharmaceutical Establishment

A fire safety survey is essential in ensuring that a pharmaceutical establishment is safe from the dangers of fire.

The first step in conducting a fire safety survey is assessing the building. This includes examining its layout, identifying potential danger areas, and assessing the risk level of each area. Once the assessment is complete, the next step is to develop a plan to mitigate any risks. This may include applying intumescent paint and installing fire dampers, emergency alarms, and lighting systems.

At Flame Stop Ltd, we have a team of certified surveyors who can identify any potential fire hazards in your factory. We also have highly trained professionals who can provide a full range of fire stopping services, including installing passive fire protection systems. With our help, you can be confident that your establishment will be safe from fires.

What Fire Stopping Services Are Offered as Part of a Passive Fire Protection System in Pharma?

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to maintain a high level of safety for both employees and customers. One way to do this is by implementing a passive fire protection system, which can include a range of fire stopping products and services.

For example, wall penetration seals are used to close any wall gaps that may allow fire and smoke to spread. Floor penetrating seals have the same purpose but are placed around pipework and other fixtures that go through the floor. Meanwhile, linear/joint seals are used to shut joints between different materials.

Cavity barriers help prevent the spread of fire and heat between different building areas. On the other hand, intumescent paint can provide an extra layer of protection against fire.

By using these various fire stopping products, you can create a comprehensive passive fire protection system that will keep your employees and customers safe in the event of a fire.

Flame Stop Ltd are experts in installing and maintaining passive fire protection systems in pharma factories. We offer a range of passive fire protection services, including:

  • Survey and report
  • Fire stopping
  • Fire dampers
  • Emergency fire alarm and lighting systems
  • Intumescent painting service
  • Fire door remedial works
  • Fire door installation works

Need help fire-proofing your pharmaceutical factory? Get in touch with us if you would like more information or a quotation.

Fire Stopping Consultation and Tender Preparation for the Pharmaceutical Industry – What Do They Involve?

Fire stopping consultation and tender preparation for the pharma industry are complex processes requiring great expertise. To ensure that the project is completed safely and efficiently, it is vital to consult with fire stopping specialists who understand the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

The consultants will review the drawings and specifications for the project and determine what type of fire stopping system is required. They will also develop a detailed scope of work, including a price estimate.

The consultants will then prepare a bid proposal for the client detailing the proposed fire stopping system and its associated costs. The proposal must meet all of the requirements specified in the RFP and be submitted by the deadline.

If the proposal is accepted, the consultants will proceed with installing the fire stopping system according to the specifications. They will also provide regular updates to the client throughout the course of the project.

No doubt – fireproofing pharmaceutical establishments is critical to ensuring the safety of employees and customers. So, don’t think twice about getting the services of a fire stopping company.

Flame Stop Ltd offers a comprehensive range of fire protection services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies. Our team of experienced professionals can provide expert guidance on the best solution for your site. Our high-quality products will ensure that your facility is protected from the risk of fire.

Want to find out more about our passive fire protection services for pharma buildings or factories? Or do you need assistance with the installation of a fire protection system? Call us today on +353 1 8 394 005 for a free consultation.


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