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Quality Management

At Flame Stop Ltd we are committed to providing our clients with a professional, reliable, cost effective and time efficient fire stopping service, without compromising in any way the QUALITY of the service provided.

Quality Management System

To assist us in our commitment above, we have adopted the principles of the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001: 2015 in designing our company Quality Management System.

To satisfy the requirements of this standard and ultimately achieve certification, a company must demonstrate :

  • it’s commitment to consistently provide a product or service that meets the clients’ requirements and that is in keeping with all relevant statutory and industry regulations.
  • It’s company Q.M.S. includes procedures for all aspects of the company management

From strategic management to site management, that will promote the monitoring, control, and improvement of the service to the client.


 On site Quality Assurance.

Our service on site is monitored by the expertise of our Contracts Manager and in-house Fire Engineer.  Flame Stop Ltd have invested in the installation of the Boris online system to assist with on-site inspections monitoring of works.

Boris is an online “real time” system used for all our projects.

  • The system downloads all documentation such as drawings, method statements, risk assessments, Health & Safety documents, etc., to an app on the operatives’ smartphone.
  • The operative completes an online worksheet for every seal indicating its’ tag number and attaching a photograph of the seal before uploading it to the system.
  • All installations are monitored and inspected by our Fire Engineer on a real time basis for quality and compliance.
  • We can offer a hyperlink to this system to our clients, who can also monitor the works and ensure the progression of the contract to their satisfaction.
  • Upon completion of the contract the system can provide further documented and photographic evidence to our clients for inclusion in their handover manual.

Boris Logo - Flamestop Ltd

Link to Boris available here