Cavity Barriers create a protective wall between one area and another.
Flame Stop Ltd only use Cavity Barriers that are tested and certified by their manufacturers

Cavity Barriers are mostly used to prevent fire and smoke between cavities such as in blockwork, cladding, curtain walling and above ceilings. The primary function is to maintain continuity of fire resistance by sealing the cavity gap between the compartment floors or walls and the external curtain wall both horizontally and vertically. The materials comprise a one-piece product having a pre-compressed non-combustible rockfibre core. The products also have integral aluminium foil facings to provide a Class O rating and excellent resistance to smoke.


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Cavity barriers

  • Tested to EN1364-4 and EN1364-3
  • Proven by EN1364-4 during fire test accommodated dynamic movement of supporting structure and facade
  • Fire rated to 300 minutes (insulation / integrity)
  • High acoustic performance additional upgrades available

Whatever your needs we will work with you to provide a certifiable solution

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