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Cavity Barrier

Fire Curtains are an integral part of a passive fire system used especially in large open spaces and public buildings. The purpose of a Fire Curtain/Barrier is to compartmentalise a fire and restrict it to a certain area. This will either contain the blaze or slow down the passage and spread of the fire to enable the safe evacuation of the building,
Fire and smoke curtains are wired into a building’s automatic fire alarm system or have their own fire or smoke detectors attached. The curtains can automatically react to any flames in a room instantly. It is hugely beneficial to have this extra time when waiting on the fire brigade during an accident.

Flame Stop Ltd only use Fire Curtains that are tested and certified to the EN BS476 Part 22 by the manufacturers. We are certified to install the product as per the manufacturers tested instructions.


Rockwool     Nullifire



The vertically hung Fire Curtains are capable of achieving both integrity and insulation protection periods from 15 to 120 minutes. It is Rockwools essential insulation performance that limits the heat transfer through the barriers, preventing ignition of combustible materials in adjacent areas.

  • Tested to BS476 Part 22
  • Provides up to 2 hours fire protection
  • Fast patented angle and clamping plate system


A lightweight, flexible fire curtain which provides a barrier to smoke and flames. It consists of a specially coated glass fabric material. This is stretched between perimeter fixings and staple jointed for maximum effectiveness. FB810 is suitable for 60-120 minutes fire resistance.

  • Tested in accordance with BS 476-Pt20
  • Smoke and cavity fire barrier
  • Approval with service penetrations
  • Suitable for large openings up to 10.8 m

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