A Fire/Smoke Damper is a very important element of passive fire stopping in a building.

Coupled with other elements of a passive fire system, a correctly installed Fire/Smoke Damper will compartmentalise an area, impeding the spread of Smoke, Toxic Gases and Fire throughout a building. Effectively, this will increase the time available for evacuation of the building and for fire services to extinguish the fire and minimise the damage to the property. Fire Dampers at Flamestop

It is imperative that Building Managers ensure all dampers are installed and working effectively.

How it works

A fire damper causes the damper door to close when it senses the room temperature rising to above normal or where temperatures exceeds a level that may melt an installed fusible link, from the heat of flames.

Flame Stop Ltd acknowledge the importance of identifying a cost effective and viable solution and can offer the following services to our clients:

Fire Damper Surveys
Flame Stop Ltd will survey existing dampers and issue a report providing bespoke fire damper solutions for specific locations.

Fire Damper Repairs

The installation of Fire Dampers are an integral part of a passive fire system.  However, it is equally important to have a scheduled inspection and maintenance process to ensure the Dampers continue to function as required. A regular inspection process will promote early detection of wear and tear or misuse of Dampers and ensure the highest level of working order and safety standard.

Flame Stop Ltd will survey existing Dampers and issue a report indicating the condition of all or specified Dampers, followed by a solution for repairs if required.

Fire Damper Installation

We also have the expertise to recommend solutions for the installation of new damper where required.

Understanding how a fire damper works can help you have a better understanding of why inspecting and repairing fire dampers are so strictly enforced. It only takes about 30 seconds for a small flame to grow and become a major fire. By cutting off the passageways for flames to travel, the fire will be contained to one specific location.

Flame Stop Ltd are experts in assessing the best passive fire solutions for any building. We provide a reliable service with long lasting certified products. We guarantee certified protection and customer service.


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