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Flame Stop Ltd are certified in the application of intumescent paint to structural steel in existing and new buildings.

Intumescent Paint Application

We specialise in the supply and application of thin film Intumescent paint to structural steel for internal and external environments. With a range of application procedures available, all project and client needs can be facilitated. The paint is applied, typically sprayed to the steel in layers as needed to generate the thickness that complies with the mandatory level of thickness required in the building regulations. Should you wish, a colour pigment can be added to the final layer of intumescent paint for aesthetic reasons.

Intumescent Paint Testing Service

Flame Stop Ltd offer a testing service where previously coated steel sections will be examined. Following the supply of information of the existing coating, a comprehensive report, with product manufacturer accreditation, will be provided to the client detailing the viability, condition and fit for purpose nature of the existing application. For more information please contact our team for full report breakdown.

What is Intumescent Paint?intrumescent paint suppliers Flame Stop Dublin

Intumescent paints, also known as Intumescent coatings, are a necessary element of passive firestopping applied to structural steel. In addition to protecting the steel surface it significantly helps to reduce the rate of fire spreading throughout a building. In some cases, a certified Top Coat may be applied to improve the aesthetic appearance of the application. When subjected to high temperatures of a fire, Intumescent Paint can expand to more than 100 times the original thickness, preventing the flames reaching the steel and hence protecting it’s structural functionality.

Intumescent Painting Service

Intumescent painting is a highly technical service and if not carried out by trained, certified operatives can prove to be very problematic for both the painting contractor and the client.

Flame Stop Ltd work following the approved application procedure, using meters to regularly test for correct DPT of paint thickness and ambient temperatures during application, all of which are logged and included in supporting documentation. This process will promote the ultimate finished service that meets the needs of the client and satisfies the relevant legislation for the protection of the steel, in it’s part of the building’s passive fire protection system.



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