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Data Centre Fire Protection

Data centres store an enormous amount of data for companies. This is why it is logical that these centres have robust cybersecurity systems to protect the information from being stolen. It is not just cyber-attacks that these centres should prepare for but also fires. Several fire risks exist in small and large data centres. This is why owners and managers of these centres should take fire protection seriously. Data Centre Fire Suppression Systems are not different from the fire protection offered on servers except in terms of physical dimensions. Data centres are typically larger, so they also require bigger fire suppression systems.

How Do You Protect Your Data Centre?

Although fires in data centres have been rare, they can devastate an entire company if they happen. Protect your data centre from potential fire hazards through proper mitigation, detection and suppression. Plus, create a recovery plan in the event of a fire. Fire protection offers security you hope you will not need. The facility is designed for fire protection and to alert the staff when it happens.

Fire Detection in Data Centres

It is vital to protect your investment and business data. Install a reliable fire detection system from the start.
  • Point detectors
  • Linear heat-detection cable
  • Gas detection
  • Air sampling smoke detection

Fire Suppression in Data Centres

The main types of data centre fire suppression systems are:
  • Water mist systems
  • Clean agent systems
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) fire suppression systems
  • Halocarbon clean agents

Fire Prevention in Data Centres

Prevention is just as important as fire detection and suppression. To prevent fires, data centres should:
  • remove all combustible materials, including paper
  • have an effective housekeeping program
  • have a maintenance program for electrical and mechanical equipment
  • limit the use of extension cords
  • establish smoking policies and procedures
  • implement a comprehensive fire-safety training program for all employees
The most important thing you can do to prevent fires in your data centre is to have an effective fire detection and prevention plan in place. Fire detection systems should be installed to alert staff in the event of a fire. Additionally, data centres should be equipped with fire suppression systems to extinguish fires quickly. Lastly, they should have a comprehensive fire-safety training program for all employees to ensure everyone knows how to prevent and respond to fires. Make keeping your data centre safe from fires a priority! Call us today on + 353 1 8 394 005, and let’s start talking about data centre fire protection plans.


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