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Passive Fire Protection in Schools

Fire safety is a critical issue in schools, as it is in other public structures. A fire can spread rapidly and endanger the lives of everyone in the building, including staff and students. Fire is a danger that all students and staff should be aware of, and precautions should be in place to prevent it from starting and spreading. One of the most important steps in preventing fire is having a well-installed passive fire protection system. Passive fire protection is the term used for any fire safety measure that does not require active participation from someone to be effective. This can include materials like fire doors, fire dampers, and intumescent coatings. These measures work together to create a barrier between the flames and the rest of the building, slowing down the spread of the fire and giving people more time to escape. In schools, it is vital to have a good passive fire protection system in place. The building is full of potential fire hazards, from electrical equipment to paper products. To add, children and staff can easily be distracted or caught off guard in an emergency. A well-installed passive fire protection system can help minimise the damage caused by fire and help keep everyone safe.

What Is a Passive Fire Protection System?

A passive fire protection system is designed to contain a fire within a specific area and stop it from spreading. It does this by using a range of materials and products that act as barriers to the fire, such as intumescent paint, fire dampers, and fire doors. Intumescent paint is a coating that expands when it comes into contact with heat, forming a barrier that slows down the spread of the blaze. Fire dampers are installed in the ductwork. These stop the spread of flames and smoke. They do this by closing off the ducts when they detect heat. Fire doors are an important part of any passive fire protection system. They are designed to close off corridors and other escape routes, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Installing a passive fire protection system is vital in ensuring the safety of school staff and students. It can help prevent fires from spreading and keep people safe in the event of a blaze.

What Are the Key Passive Fire Protection Services for Schools?

Flame Stop Ltd offer a range of passive fire protection services for schools, including the installation of fire dampers, emergency fire alarm and lighting systems, and intumescent painting services. We also provide remedial fire door installation works and fire door maintenance services. Flame Stop Ltd offer a range of passive fire protection services, including:
  • Survey and report
  • Fire topping
  • Fire dampers
  • Emergency fire alarm and lighting systems
  • Intumescent painting service
  • Fire door remedial works
  • Fire door installation works

What Is the Irish Law in Relation to Schools Having Fire Protection in Place? 

The Irish law on schools having fire protection in place is the Building Regulations (S.I. No. 913 of 2015). These regulations set out the requirements for the design, construction, and alteration of buildings in Ireland. Part B of these regulations deals specifically with fire safety and sets out specific requirements for installing passive fire protection systems in schools.

What Are the Benefits of Using Flame Stop Ltd for Passive Fire Protection Services?

Flame Stop Ltd are an experienced and reputable fire-stopping company. We have a team of fully qualified and certified fire safety experts who can carry out surveys, install fire dampers, and provide intumescent painting services. We also offer fire door maintenance services to ensure that your fire doors are always in good working order. Some of the benefits of using Flame Stop Ltd for passive fire protection services include:
  1. Fully qualified and certified fire safety experts
  2. Experienced and reputable company
  3. Top-notch fire door maintenance service
  4. Wide range of passive fire protection services

What Happens After I Book Flame Stop’s Services?

First, our team would complete a fire protection survey for your school by assessing the type of property, the materials used in the construction of the school, and any potential fire hazards. Our experts would then recommend the best fire protection solutions for the school. Do you want to protect your school from fire or minimise fire-related damages? Call us today on +353 1 8 394 005 for a free consultation!


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