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We promise a hassle-free, reliable passive fire installation. We care about your project and ensure a professional, solution-orientated approach.

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Fire Stopping and Passive Fire Protection

Flame Stop Ltd are an established fire stopping company specialising in the installation of Passive Fire Protection Systems and Fire Door surveying, installation and maintenance.

Fire Stopping Projects

Flame Stop Ltd.

Full Project Management Package

Building Analysis


Our certified staff survey & report for consideration by you or your fire consultant and facilitate the progression & completion of the works as per the contract terms & deadlines.

Competitive Pricing

Tender Preperation

We identify all fire stopping elements at the point of tender & provide a cost-effective fire stopping solution compliant with all relevant legislation and industry standards.

Highly Trained Operatives

Service Provision

Passive Fire Stopping, Fire Dampers, Emergency Fire Alarm & Lighting Systems, Intumescent Painting Service , Fire Door Remedial Works , Fire Door Installation Works

ISO 9001 & Boris Software

Quality Assurance

Our certified ISO 9001:2015 Q.M.S. and industry-specific Boris software facilitate the monitoring of all work in 'real-time', which means the highest quality of certified work at all times.

Documentation & Certification


We provide a full suite of documentation post contract for inclusion in clients O&M manuals.

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Your Fire Safety Needs Are Our Priority

Are You 100% Confident in Your Building's Fire Stopping ability?

If you’re like most property owners or managers, you want to be certain your building is fully protected against fire hazards—but how can you be sure?

Why is Passive Fire Protection so Important to you?

  • Peace of Mind: Isn’t it time you had complete peace of mind knowing your property is safeguarded against fire?
  • Compliance with Ease: Worried about meeting all those intricate fire safety regulations? What if you could do so effortlessly?
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Interested in a solution that’s not just compliant to fire safety but also a cost-effective Fire Stopping solution?
  • Employee Safety: Don’t forget the well-being of your valuable staff. Ensure they work in an environment where fire safety is a top priority and the risk of dangerous fire is minimised.
  • Insurance Validity Assurance: With robust passive fire protection measures in place, you can ensure that your insurance coverage remains valid, providing you with the utmost financial security in case of fire-related incidents.

Let us show you why acting now to bolster your building’s fire safety is the best decision you can make.


Firestopping Services Tailored to Your Needs!

Why Not Start with Expert Fire Stopping Consultation?

How confident are you in navigating the labyrinth of fire safety requirements alone? Our experts can take that burden off your shoulders, ensuring you’re making informed, effective decisions.

We can review your site/building & offer options available to you or refer you to a qualified Fire Consultant for further advice.

Need Reliable Passive Fire Protection?

Why compromise on safety when you can have best-in-class passive fire protection systems? Make a long-term investment in your building’s safety today and enjoy peace of mind tomorrow.

How Secure Are Your Fire Doors?

Think your existing fire doors are compliant? Why not upgrade to ensure maximum protection? We customise solutions to fit your specific safety and aesthetic requirements.

Are your Building Structural Elements Sufficiently Fire Protected?

Did you know specialised intumescent coatings and encasement systems can significantly increase your building’s fire resistance? Why not protect your assets now with our certified applications?

Are Your Fire/Smoke Dampers Up to The Task?

When was the last time you had your fire and smoke dampers checked? Are they airtight and effective? Dampers provide an added layer of protection, enhancing your building’s overall fire safety system.

We can survey your existing dampers to access compliance and if they are fit for purpose.

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What About Comprehensive Fire Safety Upgrades?

Looking for a one-stop solution? Why not upgrade your entire fire safety infrastructure? From passive fire stopping to ancillary building services, we've got you covered.

Why Should You Act Now to Protect Against Fire Hazards?

  • Comprehensive Firestopping Management: Who wants to juggle multiple contractors and deadlines? Why not let our full project management handle it all for you?
  • Budget-Friendly Fire Safety Solutions: Why overspend when you can get a compliant and cost-effective fire safety solution?
  • Top-Quality Passive fire Protection Service: Don’t you deserve the best? Our highly trained team and ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures you get it.
  • Full Fire safety Regulations Documentation: Ever faced an audit and wished you had better records? We provide full documentation for your peace of mind.

Your safety is too important to delay. Contact us now for a solution that brings peace of mind, meets regulations, and fits within your budget. Reach out today and make your building a safer place from Fire risks!


Colin Farrelly

Colin Farrelly

Fire Upgrade / Fit Out Contracts Manager

Brendan Whyte

Brendan Whyte

Senior Fire Engineer

Paul Holland

Paul Holland

Contracts Manager

Phil Gillett

Phil Gillett

General Manager

David Farrelly

David Farrelly

Director / Senior Quantity Surveyor


Brierley Developments

Brierley Developments

Flame Stop Ltd. are available to contact and discuss anything personally before, during or after a project

St Vincents Hospital

St Vincents Private Hospital

Flame Stop Ltd. are available to contact and discuss anything personally before, during or after a project

Omega Surveying Services

Omega Surveying Services

Very happy with all staff very polite

McKeon Group

McKeon Group

I think for the moment you cover All aspect that we require.

Kealy Construction

Kealy Construction

Flame Stop are available and flexible to work within your project schedules, without compromising on quality


Our professionals are available to be contacted personally to discuss queries at any stage of a project.

Personal Service

Our professionals are dependable and flexible to meet our client project schedules. We never compromise on quality.

Hassle Free

We offer a consistently exceptional quality of work, giving our clients a seamless experience.

Solutions Orientated

We are proactive and adapt to any challenge. We ensure the project moves forward.