Corporate Responsibility

At Flame Stop Ltd we are committed to adopting a Corporate Responsibility policy that operates both within the company and extends to the wider community.

Company Values

Team Management
At Flame Stop Ltd we adopt a policy of respect towards Colleagues, Clients, Sub-contractors and the Wider Community.  It is our hope that in turn this will promote a strength of team spirit and create strong working relationships.

Client Focus
We acknowledge that there will be no business without the demand for our service.
We also acknowledge that there will be no business without a satisfied client.
Our Quality Policy nurtures and promotes a strong awareness to achieve both of the above.

Transparency and Honesty
The systems we employ sets procedures that demonstrates a transparency in our business transactions and an honest openness in our business relationships, generating confidence in our service to clients.

Safe and Healthy Working Environments
Our Health & Safety policy coupled with our Q.M.S. procedures promotes a culture that supports risk control resulting in a safe working environment for our clients and staff.

Community Spirit
Each year we will choose a local needs group to support either financially or by active involvement in their activities.

At Flame Stop Ltd we acknowledge that attention to our corporate responsibility both within the company and in the wider community contributes to our strength as a corporate entity.